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About Us

IntelloData is a full-life-cycle data management and software development company (a unit of JIPL) with over two decades of deep expertise in distinct fields. Our solid team of Information Technology professionals bring to you more than four decades of hard-core experience in managing and processing high volumes of data. Our team members are carefully selected to ensure stringent standards of Confidentiality, Accuracy and Reliability, which reflects in our consistently brilliant track record of success.

We specialize primarily in the domain of Examination Process Management Services (EPMS), as well as Confidential Data Processing & Analytics (Government/Private Organisations). We maintain a solid reputation and impeccable track record over a decade, on mission-critical confidential projects for prestigious Government Organisations & Institutions with a pan-India coverage. The unreserved appreciation from our delighted clients is evident in their continued confidence in our services, year after year.

Why IntelloData?

Confidentiality, Quality Control and Accuracy Levels
IntelloData specializes in systems such as large volume OMR image data capture and processing, OCR, Digitisation & Data conversion, data analytics & reporting etc. All such activities require strict quality controls to ensure data confidentiality, accuracy and reliability. At every step, we employ computerized validation check-points. Additionally, our trained and experienced staff keenly supervise the entire data processing workflow, ensuring quality and accuracy upto 99.999%. Yes, we have established this as a predictable & repeatable benchmark.

Cost Effectiveness
IntelloData offers you cost-effective and scalable solutions. Solutions that may be implemented moderately but can grow exponentially without any significant increase in your Organisation’s CapEx or HR overhead.

For any given assignment, IntelloData provides quick and predictable turnaround time to its clients. We respect and adhere to the time schedules laid-down by our clients without sacrificing data integrity, accuracy or confidentiality.

Expert Professional Staff
The Management & Technical Staff at IntelloData bring to you a rich & deep practical experience of over four decades. We are fully committed towards our impeccable reputation.

Customer Care
IntelloData believes in maintaining long-term, healthy customer relationship through constant contact and continuous servicing of client queries. Our customers are our top priorities. We aim at providing services that meet and exceed the expectations of our client.

Our courteous and professionally trained staff is always at hand to consult and advice you and answer your queries at any point of time via telephone or email. Any data, information or file may be electronically transmitted to IntelloData’s Office through encrypted web-based channel (Robustly Encrypted SFTP portal for electronic exchange of confidential data & files with IntelloData Clients) maintained by us exclusively for you – saving on personal collection/delivery travel costs. However, we can surely arrange for personal collection or delivery if your office is located locally.

Immediate Access to your Information, Files and Images
IntelloData provides the best way to digitize, process and store your confidential documents (e.g. Examination Answer Booklets, OMR Sheets, Historical Result Data, etc.) and thus enables our Client (you) to have nearly instantaneous access to all such archived documents and information. With us, you have an intelligent document retrieval mechanism for speedy reference.

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